Behind the birth of a company called Leads n Deals is the expression of ideas put forward by a young man named

Justin Johnny due to his passion for technology.

That journey that started twenty years ago has passed through various fields of technology.
There are many periods that have passed through many crises.
But we were objective about how to steer the ship in the right direction
They have evolved into ecommerce, branding, marketing and other new innovations.
We desperately wanted to move and grow with the changing technology and gave up sleep for it.
Still we are always eager to provide our service at any midnight.
We understand exactly the needs of our customers.
Currently the company is working with cooperative movements.
Our team is small but strong. They work beyond the hands of clocks.
But beyond the world of codes is visible to us the universe of interactions of human love and friendship.
We are happy that we are successfully serving over100 customers.
Infopark - Kochi